I am illoo

The illoo plant grow light is suitable for flowers like endometrium, candid-um, orchids etc. and fruits and vegetables like bananas, tobacco, seaweed, green peppers, eggplants, bitter gourds, tomatoes, grapes, lettuce etc. Grow lights simulates to the nature sunlight spectrum, and upgraded the ratio to meet most necessary spectrum for the plant, make the plant grow more rapider and healthy than under the sunlight. It makes a must-have for houses, greenhouses, flower shows, and offices.


Max 5 cm
220 volts
Led 45 w

Designed lighting device for indoor plant.

Includes arm, bulb, socket, timer, electric cable, reflector, dimmer, power switch, base.

4-24 hours of operation.

Wall and/or tabletop models.

Suitable for various indoor locations: kitchen, office, balcony, living room, bath or windowsill.

Multi-planting options: herbs, orchids, bonsai trees, decorative plants.

Complementary sets including: plant, platform, seeds, fertilizer.

What is illoo?

illoo is a designed growing light device to be used in urban living style. With illoo you will enjoy warm light in your apartment and grow your plants indoors. Growing indoor was complicated until now, but no more. Using illoo is simple, safe and cost effective.

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